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Services for Schools

With experience of working in a creative way with schools on many different sites linking to a range of different subjects and themes; Anita Daimond is here to support you. 

Anita specialises in field work, using school grounds for learning and creative subject learning outdoors.

She has experience of linking outdoor activities with the digital, numeracy and literacy framework. 

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Themed walks

Walks can link to physical education, history, geography or science. Alternatively it can be used to inspire other creative or curriculum learning back in school. 

Primary Schools

Anita is available to work with primary school groups using your schools grounds or on sites near your school. She can also lead trips to more distant key sites like castles, woods, beaches or sites such as Tre'r Ceiri 

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Field work

Anita is available to develop field work that links to a range of subjects, skills and academic themes. Bespoke field work activities can be used to inspire a term of work for all ages. 

Creative Learning

 Anita can lead creative and practical learning activities outdoors or plan outdoor experiences to inspire creative work back in school.  

Secondary Schools

From Key Stage 3 to A-level Anita can help you plan and lead outdoor learning opportunities that will help your pupils learn and develop as individuals.  She has experience delivering Biology and Geography fieldwork up to A-level.

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Training and support for teaching staff

Anita is experienced in developing and delivering CPD training for teachers . She is registered with Learning Through Landscapes as a trainer who can work with teachers to develop their practice outside the classroom. 

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