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Over 20 years of experience!

I began my professional life working with primary school children in a countryside centre as a placement year as part of my degree course. I discovered how much I enjoyed working with groups outdoors in nature.

Whilst working for the Field Studies Council I had the opportunity to work with young people in their teens and enjoyed extending their understanding. I also realised how much I had missed out myself as I hadn't done biology field work when I was in secondary school. Perhaps this is where my passion for ensuring opportunities exist for local young people to learn outside of the classroom. 

During my PGCE I enjoyed learning about learning theories and developing my teaching knowledge and skills. I like the opportunities that initiatives such as the Creative Schools project give to support the use of different teaching and learning approaches. 

Whenever I can take the time to focus on wildlife and the world around us I learn something new. Each time, it reminds me how amazing our natural world is, how enjoyable spending time in nature is and how important it is for our health and wellbeing. 

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